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Monorail Circular facade Bahrain Financia Harbour

Circular monorail for facade maintenance

Curved SafeAccess for suspended platform and Securail aluminum profile enable the maintenance of the facade of the Bahrain Financial Harbour


Bahrain Financial Harbour is a large scale commercial building in the city center of Manama, Bahrain. The outer circular facade is maintainedb y a engineered monorail terack and a two person swingstage.
The entrance hall is equipped with a Securail Pro fitted below the ceiling.
The skyway is equipped with a traversing SafeLadder on monorail. 

Installed products

  • SafeAccess monorail
  • Securail for roep access
  • Traversing ladder
  • Two person suspended platform


Manama, Bahrain
Circular monorail for facade maintenance
Circular monorail for facade maintenance - Manama, Bahrain